People who have used our service have said:

"I found it hard to talk for the first couple of sessions and mostly cried but quickly began to realise that the counsellor was able to sum up in words exactly how I was feeling when I couldn't quite explain it myself and this was comforting. She seemed to understand what we were going through … talking to someone who is completely understanding really does help."

"I would honestly recommend counselling as it has literally given us our lives back. Our future is so positive now and I can't believe that six months ago it all felt so helpless. Everyone I know comments on the change they can see in my husband and I, how happy we look and how well we have bounced back".

S + D

"It was just an hour from my life, but the counsellor let me organise my thoughts and express myself in a manner that made the IVF journey manageable."

"I believe the counselling service is absolutely vital when dealing with such issues. Personally it helped me to come to terms with my own infertility and also helped my husband and I to have the forum to discuss openly all the different aspects of donor conception."

Margaret, Lisburn

"My counsellor listens and supports me every step of the way. I never feel judged and feel I can be completely honest and "free" with my feelings, thoughts and fears for that hour a week / fortnight / month!"

"I've been given the tools to guide me through this seemingly endless journey of infertility and am eternally grateful."

Fiona, Belfast

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