Why Counselling?

Having a baby is a major life changing event for any couple or individual. When you become aware that your plans to start a family may be delayed, that medical intervention may have to be considered or that medical options have run out it can feel like a major life crisis, as though your world has collapsed.

People often speak of a range of feelings when discussing the emotional experience of infertility, such as: Anxiety, Guilt, Anger, Devastation, Sadness and Despair.

Investigations and treatment may also bring up difficult experiences from the past, which may impact upon how you deal with present challenges.

How can Counselling help?

Many people manage well with problems which arise in life by talking with relatives and friends. It may be difficult for people who have their own children who usually support you to understand the powerful emotions that can accompany the experience of infertility. Fertility Counsellors have specialist knowledge and experience to help you take care of yourself at this difficult stage of life.

The Counsellor can help you:

  • talk freely without being judged
  • understand your reactions and ways of coping
  • make sense of your thoughts and feelings
  • improve communication with your partner
  • identify choices and make decisions about treatment options
  • manage the uncertainties of treatment
  • live with loss and change

When can I see a Counsellor?

Fertility Counselling is available to you before, during or after you embark on investigations or treatment. You can attend by yourself or with your partner. Each appointment lasts for an hour. You can discuss with your counsellor arrangements for further appointments.

To help improve our service we welcome your comments about your contact with the Fertility Counselling Service. These can be made directly with the Chief Executive. Alternatively our Comments, Compliments or Complaints leaflet can be used, details of which are available on request.

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